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Published by Aaron Packer, 10/18/2019

Did you know that 85% of all the people on the internet watch online video content on a monthly basis? That’s over 4 billion people (yes, with a B).

Now, let me ask… is your brand utilizing video in the way that it should be? Most people avoid creating video content because they say it’s too hard or it takes too much time. But, believe it or not, there’s actually a lot of easy ways to implement video in your marketing strategy.

In fact, today, I have 5 reasons why using video is a MUST for your local business brand!

  • It’s Not That Hard 

Sometimes, we have limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving greatness. Remove the idea from your head that video is too hard to implement. The next steps will clarify.

  • Use Your Smartphone 

There’s no need to go out and buy expensive, professional recording equipment. Smartphones have a built-in, professional camera that’ll work just fine. You literally have the answer sitting in your pocket, so test it out! You’d be surprised how nice the videos and pictures look off of your phone.  

  • It’s Not B2B or B2C— It’s H2H!

Don’t think of your business as Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer, think of it as Human-to-Human. H2H means your business focuses on building real relationships.

This is the opportunity to show people your personality, your work culture, your knowledge in the industry, and most importantly, information that can help them. A real relationship begins with the user watching your videos. Providing content like this isn’t something you can do with stock pictures and videos. Plus, it will help you stand out and become the go-to person in your industry. 

  • Retarget Video Viewers 

When you use video content in your marketing, you can retarget call to action ads to people who are interested in your videos. If someone watches 25% (or more) of one of your videos, you can follow up and send a more “sales-oriented” ad only to the people who watched 25% or more. After all, if they watched over 25% of one of your “how-to” videos, they’re probably interested in your business.

  • Improves Your SEO Results

Video content helps you rank higher on Google. When Google sees you creating valuable video content and putting it on your YouTube channel and website, it increases your SEO ranking.

If your business isn’t using video, I encourage you to jump on it and start today. Have fun with it and please do not be afraid to make mistakes! It becomes much easier with practice.

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