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Patriotic holidays are always a good time for us to try to highlight our brand and spread positivity, but sometimes we try to be a little too clever with our content and it can come off as offensive. Let’s go through some brief dos and don’ts when it comes to posting about Memorial Day, especially during a pandemic.


Recognize people in your community, your employees, your family, friends, or loved ones that served and kept our country safe. That’s the purpose of Memorial Day, so let people know you’re proud to support those people in your life.

social media dos and don'ts during memorial day.


Sending mixed messages can be a big “no-no.” For example, IHOP put a picture of pancakes and the only thing it said was “Thank you. #memorialday” It was kind of confusing. Who were they saying thank you to? Be clear, even if you are trying to be clever.

social media dos and don'ts during memorial day


Write posts that get people excited about the beginning of summer, spending time with family and friends, and partaking in outdoor activities.

social media dos and don'ts during memorial day


Don’t write posts about people coming together in large gatherings. Whether we agree with it or not, Facebook & Instagram have been super sensitive to topics related to COVID-19. In addition, try not to use the words “coronavirus,” “COVID-19,” “pandemic,” or anything related to that. Facebook actually banned our website URL for running a campaign that encouraged people to start strengthening their online presence during the pandemic. With that being said, it’s not worth it.

social media dos and don'ts during memorial day

Regardless of how you decide to post this Memorial Day, make sure you show your patriotism and give a shout out to all of the servicemen and women that keep us safe! If you do attempt to use a play on words, have several people proofread it and make sure they all receive the message the way that you intended.

From all of us at ShoppingLocal.Net, have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend! Thank you to all of our vets and active military for all that you do for us.

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