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It’s 2020, but the new year brings similar challenges.  Social Media challenges, to be precise.  I’ve outlined four of the most common challenges businesses face with social media, according to our clients. These small, local and family businesses reported (4) four key struggles;

  • Not enough time or resources to maintain your social media accounts
  • Not having a formal strategy in place
  • Not generating page followers or page likes
  • Confusion about which platforms to use

Fortunately, all of these challenges have solutions.  Better yet, those solutions are simple and affordable.  Read on to learn more about what you can do.

Not Enough Time to Manage Your Social Media Accounts

One of the easiest solutions for this challenge is to simply hire someone. Consider a high school or college student, or perhaps a virtual assistant. Give them a simple, daily procedure to complete.  Implement clear task lists to limit potential mistakes.

You can also provide them with pre-approved automated responses and FAQ answers to ensure the correct answers always go out.  If you want to stick to doing it yourself, services like Buffer can be used to develop and plan calendars for posting your content.

No Formal Strategy in Place

One of the key elements of your strategy should be understanding your audience. For example, when does your particular audience engage? You should run tests to find out what their optimal response times are.  Perhaps its weekday afternoons, or early on Saturday, when your audience responds best.  

Another important element of a good social media strategy is managing your frequently asked questions.  Keep track of what your customers want to know, and answer accordingly.  How you answer is up to you.  Choose a format that is right for you and your platform, and share the answers as new content.

Not Generating Page Followers or Page Likes

I’m a personal believer that generating page followers and page likes is often overemphasized. Your goal should be to generate quality content and the page likes will come naturally.  

Of course, the option to buy Facebook and Instagram ads is out there, but the only goal of those ads is to increase page likes.  Likes without a dedicated and engaged audience don’t translate too much value for your business.  Ultimately, it’s a better strategy to focus on organic growth from quality content.

What Platforms Should We Even be Using?

With so many platforms, it can seem like picking the right one is impossible. You should really test all platforms, at least for a short period of time, to see which ones offer the most traction. Different platforms have different strengths and weaknesses, and the only way to determine which ones suit your business best is to experiment.  

Tik Tok may reach your ideal audience, but Facebook or Pinterest might be the better fit for your content. Bear in mind that your tone and the way you distribute content may vary drastically from platform to platform. You’ll only know for sure if you play on each platform. Growth and experimentation go hand-in-hand for social media.  

These four problems all have simple solutions, and you have the power to implement them. However, if you need more help developing your social media, you can take it further.  Download my “Social Media Roadmap” to learn more.  It teaches you how to create and schedule content for your business, in exactly the ways I do it for mine. Also, consider joining my small business marketing group on Facebook, Local Business Marketing Academy.  Social media is a rapidly changing and expanding world. Make it work for you.

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