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If someone offered you a house “for free” wouldn’t you feel a little skeptical about it? ? The same feeling should apply with a “free” website builder. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid using free website builders such as Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace.

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If you want to use your own domain name ( then you have to pay anyways.

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You along with all of the other people that decided to go that route will be picking from the same portfolio of themes. Very… basic… themes…

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With free website builders, you become restricted from tracking data correctly, using landing pages, pop-ups, or other marketing tools & strategies.

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Free website builders offer very limited SEO control, not giving your website the best chance to rank higher in Google.

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If you ever want to move your site, that is not an option since you agreed to build on their platform.

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The sites we build are primarily built on WordPress. This is a manageable software for building websites that gives you full control to build customizable websites. In order to do this, all you need is a “domain name” and “hosting server.”

This is VERY affordable (not free) and the best part is, you own your website! ?

Still have questions? Feel free to send a message! ?

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